SANE Solutions and Consulting are the premium providers of Forensic Services.

Direct Services

SANE Solutions and Consulting provide the highest quality and trained Forensic Nurses to provide Forensic examinations to our local hospital partners. Our nurses have several years experience in evidence collection and court testimony. We provide services 24/7, 365 days a year. Just call us and we will arrive within one hour. Our nurses are highly trained in trauma informed care and will assure that every patient has access to advocacy.


The TeleSANE Program utilizes telemedicine to connect facility site clinicians to consultants specifically trained in caring for patients who have experienced a sexual assault.

The program provides equipment, education, and guidance to providers across the state of Missouri to support a standardized care of practice. The consultants can be brought into the room with the site nurse and the patient for as much or as little as needed via a provided telecart.

The program connects the community resources and helps build bridges to create a multi-disciplinary approach to sexual assault care. Patients can expect an evidence-based, trauma-informed medical forensic exam, connections to resources, and after-care follow-up guidance.

Program Development

If your hospital or community wants to develop a forensic program, SANE Solutions and Consulting has over 13 years of developing programs. We will provide an initial assessment and evaluation, provide all policies, procedures, medication protocols, and billing and reimbursement procedures and limitations. We will provide training to your staff, assuring competent evidence collection and integrity. We will also include a SANE kit which will provide the clinician with everything they need to complete a medical forensic examination, including male and female charts for documentation. Once your program is developed we will continue to update you on any local, state, or federal regulations to ensure your program stays compliant.

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