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What you need to apply for the Sexual Assault Nurse Training Certification Program

The Program is seeking applications from diverse, committed individuals looking to provide compassionate care for sexual assault patients. SANE certification requires completion of a 40 plus hour certification training and a commitment to working as a SANE nurse for a minimum number of on-call hours.

In order to prevent the person-to-person spread of COVID-19, we will be offering the didactic content for the SANE Certification Training in an on-line format, which will include recorded, self-paced sessions and scheduled, live, interactive webinars. The training will also include one on-site clinical session. We are committed to following all guidelines to protect students, instructors and standardized patients, and as such, the exact dates for the training are pending. We anticipate the course will launch in July.

This intensive, innovative training model will consist of live, online lectures, recorded presentations, small group breakouts, and a one day on-site clinical. Hours for training components are approximately 15 hours of recorded modules, 8 virtual live sessions (24 hours), and a one full day, on-site, clinical.

Live, online sessions will be no more than 3 hours per day.

Clinical sessions will be scheduled in small groups, and each SANE candidate will join one session.

Candidates must attend all days of the live, online training; complete all recorded modules and quizzes; participate in and demonstrate competency during the on-site clinical day.

After completing a SANE preceptorship, candidates will be competent as a SANE and will work on-call providing care to adolescent (14 years and older) and adult sexual assault patients.

SANE Solutions works with multiple community partners to provide a diverse and high quality training. Our trainings meet the National standard requirements and the International Association of Forensic Nursing. Once the didactic is satisfied you will complete a 8 hour clinical day (SANE-A-PALOOZA).

Please call to get training dates for 2021

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